Mobile BI Applications

I’ll write this post in English as it may also be of interest for non-Danish-speaking BI Professionals.

At our last community meeting in SQLBI.DK the main topic was Mobil BI. As a part of my preparation before the meeting I started researching the market of Mobile BI Applications. I ended up with long list of different products and decided to apply some characteristics for each product. Most of these characteristics are self-explaining, but let me spend a few words on “Application Type”.

Inspired by a Wikipedia article defining Mobile Business Intelligence, I found it useful to divide the applications into three different “Application Types”.

  • Mobile Browser Rendered App Almost any mobile device enables Web-based, thin client, HTML-only BI applications. However, these apps are static and provide little data interactivity. Data is viewed just as it would be over a browser from a personal computer. Little additional effort is required to display data but mobile browsers can typically only support a small subset of the interactivity of a web browser.
  • Customized App A step up from this approach is to render each (or all) reports and dashboards in device-specific format. In other words provide information specific to the screen size, optimize usage of screen real estate, and enable device-specific navigation controls. Examples of these include thumb wheel or thumb button for BlackBerry, up/down/left/right arrows for Palm, gestural manipulation for iPhone. This approach requires more effort than the previous but no additional software.
  • Mobile Client App The most advanced, the client app provides full interactivity with the BI content viewed on the device. In addition, this approach provides periodic caching of data which can be viewed and analyzed even offline

 The Application Type indicates how big an effort it will be to cover multiple mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone ect.), but also how well the features of the mobile platform is used.

Here is the result of my research.

You may notice that allmost all applications has the Application Type: Mobile Client App. But still I think it’s an important characteristic. J

If you know of a product that is not on my list or think that I’m missing or wrong about some characteristics, please let me know.

Fribilletter til SQLBits Insight med bl.a. Steve Wozniak

I forbindelse med den kommende SQLBits konference i Brighton 7.-9. april 2011 er jeg kommet i besiddelse af nogle fribilletter. Billetterne gælder til det nye tiltag på SQLBits der hedder SQLBits Insight, og som er henvendt til CIO’s, arkitekter og andre beslutningstagere der er interesseret i SQL Server og Business Intelligence.

Her er hvad SQLBits selv skriver om arrangementet:

It’s a day of sessions aimed at CIOs, architects and other technical decision makers who are interested in finding out what’s new in the world of SQL Server and how it can benefit their businesses, and it will be taking place on Thursday 7th April at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, on the first day of SQLBits.

Speakers include Mark Souza, General Manager for SQL Server at Microsoft; Guy Lucchi, CTO of CSC; and IT industry legend Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and Chief Scientist of Fusion-io. The agenda will cover hot topics such as the SQL Server Private Cloud infrastructure, handling multi-terabyte BI requirements with SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse, and new developments in storage technology. There will also be a panel discussion featuring all the speakers and opportunities to network at an evening drinks reception hosted by our platinum sponsor, Fusion-io. For more details and to register, go to

We’d like to point out that if you’re the kind of person who normally goes to SQLBits, SQLBits Insight may not be your cup of tea – it’s aimed at managers and decision makers and not the geeks.

Hvis du eller nogen du kender, er interesseret i at få fingre i sådan en fribillet så send mig mail ( inden den 24. marts. Der er i alt 5 fribilletter og skulle der være flere interesserede, vil de blive fordelt ved lodtrækning.

PowerPivot/BISM og fremtidens BI løsninger

I forbindelse med at Marco Russo og Alberto Ferrari kommer til København for at holde deres PowerPivot Workshop, er det lykkedes at arrangere et gratis aftenarrangement, hvor Marco og Alberto vil holde følgende indlæg.

PowerPivot / BISM and the future of a BI Solution

The next version of Analysis Services will offer the BI Semantic Model (BISM) that is based on Vertipaq, the same engine that runs PowerPivot. DAX and PowerPivot have been created as tools for Excel users but in Denali they will be available on the Corporate BI stack technology for Microsoft, as part of Analysis Services. The impact of this technology is huge, because many assumption that are made today for an OLAP cube (star schema models, surrogate keys and so on) might be no longer the optimal way to design a complete BI solution.

This session is about this impelling change: after an initial introduction about PowerPivot, DAX and Vertipaq changes that are relevant to this topic and some consideration about design impact on Data Warehouse, Data Mart and ETL pipeline, the session will become an open discussion with all attendees, in order to share experience, needs, technical challenges and understand future directions in corporate BI world.

Tid:    Mandag den 21. marts 2011 kl. 18.00-20.00

Sted:    Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Hammerichsgade 1, DK-1611 Copenhagen, Denmark

Der vil blive serveret drikkevare til arrangementet og efterfølgende vil der være mulighed for at vi kan gå ud og få en pizza eller lignende sammen.

Det er det nye Excel BI community der står som arrangør for arrangementet, men det vil være åben for alle interesserede, dog kræves det at I forinden har tilmeldt jer ved at sende en mail til

Der er begrænsede pladser så hurtig tilmelding anbefales.